Saturday, 16 November 2013

Educating Kids in the Community

At Autumn Hill Dental, we believe a beautiful smile and life-long dental health begins with early childhood education on the importance of oral hygiene, healthy eating habits and regular dental check-ups. Dr. Nelly Braun and the Tooth Fairy regularly visit neighbouring schools and day-cares to talk about basic brushing and hygiene habits and provide informative educational hand-outs for the children to bring home to their parents.

Educational resources used to teach the kids include popular children's books and videos about first visits to the dentist, dentally-related coloring pages and fun facts and activities. Children learn how cavities form, how to properly brush, and what foods are healthy choices for both dental and overall body health.

We are grateful to be allowed into the schools and especially honored when a class decides to give us a thank you card such as the one pictured here. You are very welcome and we enjoyed the opportunity!